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Sacramento: Guns and Cousins

Posted on Sep 1, 2013 by | 0 comments

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We just got back from a trip to Sacramento. Jacob’s parents made the trip too and we managed to get all siblings together which is always a lot of fun. The guys main focus for the trip was a shooting tournament. Us ladies spent our time fawning over and entertaining the girl cousins. Anna loves her new cousin baby Audrey (baby Aww-vey). She would try to help out by putting her pacifier back in or trying to hold her. Mostly though Anna ran her aunt Emily and Grandma around playing tag, having pillow fights, and riding Audrey’s bicycle with training wheels. We kept it low key this trip, mostly just passing the baby around and looking forward to nap times. We did break up our time with board games like crossfire and chess. While the boys were out shooting, we went to the local duck pond in Elk Grove and fed the ducks and watched some dancers at the multicultural festival. Anna got Italian Ice and face paint and loved being with her family. Whenever she was ready to go she would say to all of us, “come on, family!” She did a lot of talking this trip and I know she enjoyed being surrounded by so many adults who would listen to her stories and opinions. Family is the best.

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Jacob and Ryan ended up having to go back on day two to finish their competition. Anna and I tagged along and we all ended up visiting a sea ship called the Red Oak Victory. We were blessed with our own tour guide who was happy to let Anna have fun with every steering wheel she could find. He also didn’t mind going slow so our independent two year old could climb the steep ship stairs by herself. We visited almost every deck and saw how the different ranks of sea men slept and ate. Anna and I were right at home in the kitchen with a Hobart just like Meme and PopPop’s. I think even Ryan enjoyed our odd stop in Richmond. And I am so glad it ended up being a little bit hands on for my toddler. Another kind tour guide gave Anna a pretty necklace in her favorite color which she wouldn’t take off all day. And although we didn’t make it to San Francisco this time around, we did enjoy a beautiful foggy view of the city across the bay from the tip top of the ship.

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Jacob’s grandparents, Rich and Jane, invited all of Jacob’s siblings over for Sunday dinner. We had a great time with everyone. And Anna was able to hang out with Mia a little bit too. They fed some ducks and climbed on anything they could find. Anna loved the scooter and the rocking pig. We were grateful for so much wonderful time with family this visit. Our last day in town, all the cousins met up for a romp in the river. We got a little more wet than Jacob would have liked but it ended well with mostly dry clothes and a yummy lunch of what else but macaroni and cheese for our toddlers. I’m pretty sure our girls could have scooped sand in the banks of the river all week!

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We sure were tired heading back home, and Anna was happy to see her own bed after almost a week, ha. But we can’t wait until next time!

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