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A few weeks before Halloween we asked Anna what she wanted to dress up as for the holiday. After a pinch of discussion and some parental squashing of a television character request, she settled on cow. ¬†Jacob’s parents sent us a cow care package for the holiday, including cow tail treats, cow pudding pouches, and a bell necklace with “Anna” written on it. While visiting my parents my mom kindly agreed to make Anna a cow dress, complete with an udder pocket. Anna loved it the second she saw it, especially the pocket.


I’m afraid though, if we compare how much time was spent in each costume, if she had known giraffe ballerina was an option she would have chosen that. She loved this unitard that my mother got for her. Any time was a good time to wear it. The little tail draped over the back of the tutu was too much!


Aunt Rachel took us out to a trunk-or-treat in Daleville. Anna tried to be brave about the decorations like spiders but was very quiet and shy about talking. We had a fun time and she loved sharing her candy and picking out new pieces from her bucket while we played Uno with Aunty and Meme.


On October 31st Jacob helped us find a nice street to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood since ours was a little dark. Anna was terrified of people who answered the door in costume, especially that 10-year-old ninja. She was approching a family in lawn chairs when they asked if she was a cow? She said “yes.” Then when asked “what do you say?” she simply replied, “moo.” Apparently they were looking for the magic candy words “trick or treat.”¬†Throughout the night she slowly opened up. She ran down the hill to show us her bucket and we yelled thank you to the family. She turned around and ran a few steps back towards them “Ank you!”

2013-10-31 19.06.44

Jacob stayed home for the few trick or treaters we got at the end of our long culdesac while Anna and I went out and did the few houses on our street and a few on the next street over. She didn’t really run, we were just happy ringing doorbells and saying “Happy Halloween!”

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