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Rock Star

Posted on Dec 23, 2013 by | 0 comments

Anna loves to sing. She has started requesting We Are Young just so she can belt “Na Na Naaaa” for 55 straight seconds or however long that part lasts. There is one song we love hearing her sing about an Iguana and lately she has started singing part of the chorus randomly: “down in gah-lup-a-gulps.” Iguanas are all over the Galapagos but her version is cuter!

2013-12-05 14.50.42We sing in the car as a family. Sometimes we sing to our songs off our phones and sometimes we sing hymns or other songs she learns in nursery. Our car is our family’s version of the shower. I’m glad no one can hear us butcher Ruldoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Anna doesn’t seem to mind; she requests it all the time.

2013-06-05 10.38.08

We heard her holler into her fake cell phone, “I hate you! We break up. You call me. I love you.” From a distance we thought, woah, what is going on. Then we heard her repeat it and figured out she was just singing a favorite Taylor Swift song. The words she spits out trying to replicate Momma’s Broken Heart are completely unrecognizable to me but I think Jacob figured out the beat while she was singing. She can’t get enough music.

2013-12-16 10.04.18

When we moved here without any toys for a few weeks we bought her a little noisy guitar. She loves that thing and rocks out. She’ll hand you the microphone or the maraca or the recorder and demand a jam session while she strums her guitar. She’ll even strum a clothes hanger if they are available.┬áHere is a silly video of her rocking out.

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