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Valentine’s Day

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 by | 0 comments


Anna and I woke up before Daddy. I told her Happy Valentine’s Day and in response she gasped a little. “We have a surprise for you!” It was about then when I went, doh, and grabbed some scissors and crayons and Anna and I got to work making cards for Jacob. I just loved the card that they got for me. Anna drew a picture of me and my curly hair and then signed her name. Love my sweet family. After we finished we did some more red and heart crafts just for fun. Anna painted with both potatoes and a bent toilet paper roll in the shapes of hearts. The former was pretty successful but we couldn’t keep the cardboard bent just right so the hearts started morphing into ovals.


For our date night, Jacob took us out to stroll the nearby strip mall. Anna skipped from store to store and when that got too tiring she rode on Jacob’s shoulders. Not exactly exciting but that is how we celebrate around her, just being together. I thought it was so sweet that my family picked a card out for me back in Houston. And even sweeter that Anna actually kept it a secret for so long.

The next day, Anna and I got out some different paints and decorated each other’s faces. I gave her a shooting star, sort of. And she drew a girl on me. Jacob said it was the best UFO he had ever seen. I think we’ll just have to keep practicing.

IMG_1049 IMG_1042

I hope you felt the love this Valentine’s Day.

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