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Monkey Toes

Posted on Mar 21, 2014 by | 0 comments


My husband has monkey toes. He will clean a whole room without bending over just for fun, picking up all sorts of things with his feet. Anna picked up on this trait early in life and enjoys grabbing at things with her feet. My family is odd. They are also beautiful, here is proof:



Side note: A cashier at the grocery store caught me off guard when she called Anna “Annie” while she was wearing that red dress. But now that you mention it, those curls and that dress do make for one good impression, eh? I guess I was just wondering how the lady sort-of knew my child’s name…and then it clicked.

My mom decked out our little nursery nook in a sock monkey blanket, pillow, and stuffed animal of course. I love it so much, the red is so cute and not overly-boyish (like blue can be). Anna loves that little monkey and treats it just like you would a baby. One night, after quite the tickle fest with her dad, Anna played with the sock monkey, tickled him, and couldn’t get enough of holding the monkey in her toes. “Look, monkey toes!” That crazy girl cracks us up.P1030489

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