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Anna isn’t always one to enjoy getting goopy. Sometimes it is a blast, and sometimes she will hold her hands out and ask for help in cleaning them. I suppose it just depends on how fun the project is. Cooking can go either way but when we got all the materials out to make a paper maché piñata, she was stoked.

P1030374 P1030377

She used the hand blender to make the paste and we made the biggest mess my kitchen has ever seen trying to dress a balloon in wet and floured newspaper strips. My poor recollection of elementary school mask making led me to believe this would be easy. The struggles were all mine; Anna had a great time.  She wanted to make another one right away. I was so surprised at how happy she was to get messy! She is such a crafty two year old.

P1030380 P1030381

We didn’t actually decorate it since it took so long to dry we were just anxious to fill the thing with candy and have at it. Anna tried her best at hitting the piñata but Jacob was a little crazy with the string. When she did get a good swing to connect it usually came back and hit her in the face. (No injuries were acquired during this process, I promise.) Honestly, she had a really hard time hitting the thing with enough force to make a dent on our flour-cemented creation. We’ll have to try again just so we can have another excuse to pig out on kit kat bars and beat things. 🙂

P1030449 P1030440 P1030458

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