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Isaac’s Second Week

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One week after Isaac was born, Grandma Allred came to town to visit our new son and to play with Anna. My little girl was so excited for Grandma to come. This was the first thing we counted down the days for. “She’ll be here in three more days.” And once our visitor arrived the two of them played non-stop. Grandma got a few breaks to hold little Isaac when Anna was resting and when he was calm. But she was so so great at entertaining Anna. There were sticker books, magnet dolls, picnics, and adventures to the mall and zoo. The zoo just installed a new carosel, which Anna insists on riding every visit. And the mall has a glow golf indoor putt putt place that we hadn’t yet visited. I hear Anna did very well.IMG_1175 IMG_1154

I tried repeatedly to watch General Conference but sleep was apparently more important, whoops. Even Anna and Grandma cuddled and fell asleep during a session. Jacob and Grandma took Anna out for an adventure on Saturday morning, leaving the computer out for me to watch, all I had to do was push the space bar around the right time. They came back to us hours later in the same position, sleeping, computer still off. That is how these first weeks are going. Isaac isn’t really awake a lot. He is just starting to have his eyes open for more than just feeding time now at 3 weeks old. But he does like to cry a lot from 11 pm to almost 3 am, so I’ll continue to call him nocturnal until we can move that to a better part of the day and not have the two of us sleeping all morning most mornings.

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Anna is coping way better than any book on siblings would lead one to predict. In fact, Grandma was commenting during one of his crying sessions how Isaac was used to 100% mommy time (in the womb). I responded, “so was Anna. They both got my full attention and now they have to share. Sorry Anna.” Without missing a beat, Anna chimed into the conversation, “That’s okay, Mom. I will survive.” Indeed she is thriving and loves helping when she can. The other day I was trying to get everything ready to get out the door, Isaac was in his car seat ready to go, Anna kept him from crying by rocking him and soon he had fallen asleep.

2014-04-11 16.04.02IMG_1165

We are so glad Grandma came for a visit!!

2014-03-29 22.13.44

We still love our family television nights.¬†They wouldn’t be complete without cuddling, popcorn, and Stargate. I’m glad Isaac is on board with this tradition. He seems to fit right in around here.

2014-03-31 08.23.48

4 Days Old. 7 lbs 4 oz.



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