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New Growth

Posted on Apr 26, 2014 by | 0 comments


Isaac turned 4 weeks old this past Thursday. He is a happy boy. I love his happy sighs, they are rare and treasured. Mostly he is asleep but sometimes he will stay awake during the day and Anna gets to play with him. She likes to shake his hand and say “welcome to our family” or “we are glad you are part of our family” and “happy birthday.” She also will help me burp him and is a wonderfully gentle big sister. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have both these adorable and sweet children!DSC_0648IMG_1234This week has been a bit of a challenge. Jacob left on Easter Sunday for a business trip to Arizona. He will return tonight and I’ve had my hands full this week. But Anna has been my little helper. She is quick to grab a burp cloth or towel if Isaac make a mess.  And she’s developed a few new skills, like how to make a peanut butter and banana wrap. We’ve also figured out how to have fun while keeping baby happy. I read to them while cuddling baby. We’ve made plenty of time for running around in the backyard and enjoying the warm weather with the water table and the hose.DSC_06692014-04-23 12.03.27I tried to make sure that Anna had fun with friends too. Tuesday, we had friends over to run around with and we visited the zoo which has an awesome little wading pool for the hot days. It’s been a warm week! Wednesday, we went to music time and played star wars at our friend’s house. Thursday we discovered a neat restaurant with a playscape near the eating area while having a lovely lunch with some friends from church. After dinner, we visited a different friend’s home for dessert. Anna discovered the joy of a trampoline while I said goodbye to a lovely family who are moving next week. I’m so grateful for my ward family for helping me keep my sanity this week.


Today outside we noticed our lovely rose bush blooming. We also found a few baby tomatoes growing. Anna went to pick one and I reminded her that our tomatoes being green means that they aren’t quite ready yet. But it is so much fun to see them making progress!

DSC_0691DSC_0670DSC_06982014-04-22 12.43.34

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