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Austin Maker Faire – Year 2

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We went to the Maker Faire in Austin again this year earlier in May. The venue was moved outside the city so we took the zippy toll roads to get around to the East side of Austin. There was plenty of fun stuff to do. A sweet man wrote a poem for Anna on a typewriter and a laser-cutting paper group had a craft station to make robots.2014-05-26 11.11.58 Jacob and Anna hula hooped and met R2D2. Her favorite indoor activity might have been the robotic petting zoo, filled with stuffed animals that moved. When we went outside we found lots of crafts and explore tables for children. Circuits, marshmallow guns, rockets out of home improvement supplies. There was also a large platform to jump off and land on an inflatable cushion. When we stopped to watch someone jump the propane people were testing out their flame thrower. So Anna connected the two in her mind and was curious as to why someone would shoot fire at the person jumping.IMG_1257 IMG_1244

We started inside and worked our way out but after only a few booths outdoors Jacob’s allergies took over his body and we had to leave, poor guy. But Anna enjoyed our time outside and we were at this bubble station for a while, which is why she was so dizzy that she fell over. Jacob bought us the same bubble maker placemat from IKEA on the way home and later that week I made this bubble solution for her from the recipe. So much fun.

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