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May Fun

Posted on May 26, 2014 by | 0 comments

DSC_0720May is always a blast. Both Anna and I have our birthdays. Mother’s day and beautiful weather just add to the fun. Jacob had jury duty on my birthday, what are the odds? But the kids and I were kindly given a ride to our weekly activities of music time and volleyball by wonderful friends. (Now every time we are at an activity with them Anna asks me if we can ride home in their mini van.) Actually it was my first day back to playing Volleyball since having Isaac. Playing was exhausting but felt so good! For my birthday I got two sweet new shirts, one with a girafficorn on it and another with the batman logo. Anna picked out that shirt at the mall for me because it matched baby brother’s superhero onsie. Anna even picked out a matching jacket for herself a few days later. IMG_1280Our favorite places to go this past month has been wet places! We found a sweet toddler-friendly pool (fake creek) at the zoo. Anna made plenty of new friends, as did I sitting around with my new baby. We also enjoy that there are always new animals to meet or craft time. In the past month, Anna met a hedgehog, brushed some goats, and made a fun nature crown. The zoo is great.

2014-04-29 15.14.15

Our other place we love to frequent is the splashpad in the small town park near our church. I think the water is still cold for the weather but Anna is determined! She loves to run through the water and squeal with joy (or is it surprise from the cold?). That girl cracks me up. Sometimes she just squishes into the mud near the splash pad too. Maybe it is warmer, ha. We love picnicking at the park too, but I learned that we can’t just stop there for the playground and a lunch. I tried that once on the way to the grocery store and when Anna saw other children getting wet she asked if she could go. I told her that she wasn’t wearing her bathing suit. “You put mine in the car, didn’t you?” Well, yes, I suppose I am prepared. Since that first visit to the zoo a bathing suit and towel live in our trunk. Let me tell you, there is no putting something over on this girl.

2014-04-30 14.55.23 2014-04-30 14.55.132014-05-16 13.15.15

And on top of going outside a lot we’ve also been a bit more “school.” Anna loves reading books and playing games related to them. Anna and I read Caps for Sale and she kept wanting to put more and more hats on her head too, we also imitated each other like the monkeys in the book. We talk alphabet and sounds and play. I made her a letter matching game out of stickers and a paper towel roll. (This past week I finished another roll and she asked if I would make it again.) She also loves dice games and any activity where she can use her bingo blotter.  The alphabet and sounds are starting to sink in, I think. At breakfast one morning, she was looking at a numbered list on the back of her cereal box and I heard her say “ta ta, two, what does two start with? T!” It was followed by “wa wa, one, what does one start with? W!” Sounds right, right?

2014-05-06 12.58.45 2014-05-09 13.53.46

A new television has made it possible to set up the old Wii. Jacob taught Anna how to play bowling. He is good at pushing her through the frustrations of trying something new. Now I have a bowling buddy.

2014-05-14 13.51.17

And we also checked out a new part of town to visit their mall event. It was a little chefs event, Anna scored a pile of swag including a plastic pizza cutter and a fun apron. She and Jacob also made a pretty crown too. We’ve had a lot of fun from our little mall membership, Anna always has a blast whether it is dressing up like a princess or a chef or getting her face painted and decorating cookies.2014-05-17 12.23.52 2014-05-17 12.27.00

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