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Anna’s 3rd Birthday Bash

Posted on Jun 5, 2014 by | 0 comments


Happy Birthday, Anna Banana!

Anna is now a big 3 year old. She loved her birthday and had a great time having a few friends over. When Jacob was tucking her and she said “today was the best day ever.”


She didn’t go to sleep until after midnight on her birthday eve; the excitement for her party was too much. One time she got up and I asked her what she needed, “my tummy says it’s hungry.” (Her normal excuse, but we had already given her a few prunes). Then she admitted, “I heard you doing fun stuff…” I was actually vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen but I let her help me pick up her toys and then we filled the piñata with candy. I’ll admit, that last “chore” was pretty fun.


The morning of her birthday she woke up extra early and then soon crashed in our bed. That silly girl almost slept through her own party. Anna has this tick where when her friends arrive at our house she runs into the living room, squealing, and dives face first onto a couch, filled with excitement. This happened, like clockwork, when her first guests arrived. Then she came back to the entryway where they were taking off their shoes to invite them to come and play.


Anna was a big part of all the preparations. We tried to involve her in every detail. She wanted a princess party and an astronaut party and finally I decided that my procrastination (partly from, you know, having a newborn in the house) meant that we needn’t settle on a theme and instead we would just pick things we loved and throw it together! We ended up with a cool set of balloons, a guitar piñata, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, and a few games from things we know she loves like bean bags and fishing.


The week of Anna’s birthday was fun getting everything ready. Anna made the cupcakes, cracking the eggs and filling the papers with batter. She helped me do all the shopping: we did end up with some princess plates but we couldn’t find red party hats anywhere. I sewed bean bags and Jacob helped me make fishing poles. We made enough for the guests to each take one home. It was a hit! Jacob cut out some holes from a spare piece of wood we had and put some feet on it for the perfect little cornhole target for the kids.


The week surrounding Anna’s birthday was pure rain. We’ve been in a drought so we aren’t complaining but we love our backyard and were a tad disappointed that we couldn’t have Anna’s party outside. And the overcast day, with a bit of drizzle, made for sub-par lighting in the house. I don’t think Anna minded one bit. We had a blast inside anyway! Jacob even figured out a way to piñata in the house.


I had the kids decorate their bags for candy. Anna loves to color and this was a nice way to include that. The kids also decorated their cupcakes with the fruit we had laid out. And Anna even talked them into thinking party hats were cool. I hear from the moms that is no small feat at a kid’s birthday party; Anna’s enthusiasm is apparently infectious.


One of our little guests filled his bag with starbursts after the piñata burst. Anna filled her bag with M&Ms. I’m not sure if that is because we had been eating starbursts for a few days so she was done with them or if she just loves chocolate but one mom had them trade a bit, sillies.


There was a time during the party Anna seemed a bit overwhelmed, she rested on the couch for a little bit. And she napped very well later on in the day. But overall it was a ton of fun and so great to connect with our good friends we have made here through volleyball, play dates, and visiting teaching. Isaac even did his part by staying asleep for the majority of the party. Love those little brothers, eh?

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