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Isaac at 9 weeks

Posted on Jun 7, 2014 by | 0 comments

2014-05-30 10.32.19 2014-05-30 10.33.06

Isaac and I went in for his 2 month check up he is in the high 90’s percentile with his 16 lbs 8 oz and 26 or so inches. He is chunky and happy and holding his head up really well during tummy time. He tried to impress his doctor by attempting to rolling over. Ha, as if his guns hadn’t already done that! But he could only manage kicking his leg and tilting his head. I thought it was funny since he hadn’t tried that at home yet.

IMG_1296 DSC_0796

At 9 weeks, Isaac has started sleeping through the night. Woot! 6 hours is everything to this sleep-loving momma. And this time around it happened without any screaming. Isaac is a calm little guy and in fact so chill that I tend to over feed him. So in the evening, I’ve been more vigilant about looking for tired cues and putting him down when I first notice them, instead of after I’ve already been spat up on. He talks himself to sleep with coos and grunts. And my little man continues to talk into the night. He is the noisest sleeper with little baby snores and grunts. But if he is happy so am I and if he is sleeping so am I. 6 am wake ups are the new normal.

2014-05-20 17.21.56

It is so odd that he is so big but still isn’t in complete control of his head and neck, just like Anna had been. He needs lots of support but is more interactive. He’ll follow your face with his eyes, especially if you are talking to him. And Jacob has this magic touch where he can make Isaac smile just by rubbing his cute scaly baby head.


Anna loves being his big sister. Here are some sibling shots. One of Anna holding him, with plenty of help from a throw pillow. And the other is of her playing “peekaboo” with her brother.
2014-05-29 18.57.262014-05-12 13.11.15

Disclaimer: No babies were injured in the making of these photos. Just some typical Big Sister Love. ;D

Isaac just found his mouth and has been playing with his lips. He makes clicking noises, smiles bunches, and gives the most pleasant “ooh’s” you have ever heard (scientific fact!). We sure love this little guy.


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