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For three weeks in June, we made a big trip back East to visit family with the new baby. Our first stop was Atlanta to meet up with my in-Laws. We were all grateful that we caught a direct flight to Atlanta. Isaac was so unhappy on the plane. But we were so happy to meet up with the Grandparents.

P1030811 IMG_1451P1030825

We spent a full day and two nights near Stone Mountain. We visited the park a bit and drove into the city of Atlanta to visit the Coca Cola museum. Our visit there included several little movies and meeting the Coke polar bear. The adults loved the tasting room and trying all the varieties of soda from different areas of the world. Jacob and I even discovered one we call “melted slushie”, mmm, so good. Anna tried a few but was happiest when Grandma handed her a cup of water. She said, “my favorite, water!”

IMG_1461 IMG_1467 IMG_1473 IMG_1477 IMG_1483

My favorite part was seeing the manufacturing process with the robotic arms, syrup dispenser, and plenty of conveyoring.

IMG_1504 IMG_1507

In the evening, we rode on a gondola up to the top of Stone Mountain. We were at the top right before sunset. It was gorgeous. There was a line painted on the ground to help you get back to the visitor center. Jacob told her that she had to stay on the path. She would not deviate from the path, she even stopped a few times, to tell me that there was a puddle on the path. I finally convinced her to wander with me away from the path. The views were breathtaking. We could see forever in all directions. Anna loved climbing all over the place and she only tripped once. She loved the gondola ride up to the top and back down.

IMG_1514 IMG_1522 IMG_1501

After our time at the top, we hung out on the lawn. Anna and I danced to the music. And once it was dark the park played a laser light show on the mountain to watch.

IMG_1509 P1030831

We made our way back to Columbia the next morning. The road trip was long but enjoyable and we were glad to be with family!IMG_1456 IMG_1497 IMG_1494

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