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Isaac’s Blessing

Posted on Jul 7, 2014 by | 0 comments

We came to South Carolina for Isaac’s blessing so Grandpa Allred could be included. The morning was a little stressful because we accidentally slept in while the Grandparents entertained Anna all morning. So Jacob and I were rushing around trying to get ready for 1 oclock church and our daughter was falling asleep for nap time. Both the kids slept in sacrament, each on a grandparent’s lap. It was the sweetest thing.IMG_1557

Jacob gave a wonderful blessing to Isaac. I felt such a sweet spirit while Jacob was talking about our son’s future. We are really blessed to have the gospel in our lives and to have had such amazing children join our family.IMG_1553

Two different ladies wrote down what they could of the blessing and handed it to us. It was so kind and thoughtful.P1030847

The timing worked out that we ended up blessing him on Father’s Day (June 15th). Jacob is an amazing father and we couldn’t celebrate him enough this year. Anna gave him a card, chocolate, and even made him breakfast in bed.


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