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A Pillow and Puzzlemania

Posted on Aug 10, 2014 by | 0 comments

2014-08-05 10.22.44Anna recently discovered puzzles. During a playdate a month ago, a 6 year old friend came over and did the one 9 piece puzzle we have in the house. Together the two of them put together a puzzle-like game (just squares and matching pictures) but Anna was intrigued. She started sitting down to do the 9 piece on her own and then Jacob brought home a big pack of puzzles which featured Sophia the First and other cute cartoon characters whom we don’t actually watch but she has taken a liking to and even named. She named Doc McStuffins “Una” and she always puts together the pink-bandana-wearing pirate first on the pirate puzzle.



Anna took this picture! She loves her puzzles so much.

At first she struggled and wanted lots of help. She loved putting together the faces but the backgrounds were something she would just ask me to do. Well this past week both Jacob and I got sick and our three go-to suggestions for our sweet little girl were coloring, lacing (“sewing”), and puzzles. She can now do her 25-piece puzzles all by herself and enjoys doing them on repeat. She’s also really got a hang of her lacing cards. She was inspired to join me one night. Jacob was reading us a story out loud while I was hand-quilting. And it helps us keep her calm when we try family scripture study. For some mysterious reason opening the Book of Mormon leads her to jump on the couches.P1040344

One morning while she was working on her puzzles, I decided to quilt next to her. I started sewing a bit and explained that this was my puzzle that I like to put together. The next day she asked to learn how to sew. Jacob had helped her pick a project, a doll pillow. And so we picked out some fabric and I first asked her to sew a straight line on a mark I’d drawn. She did alright so we just jumped in. I cut two rectangles and had her sew around the edges. She helped raise and lower the presser foot and then we ironed it and stuffed it up before one last stitch. She really liked being a part of what I’m always doing and I’m so glad she asked to participate. She immediately ran over and made a bed for her doll to be tucked into.P1040356 2014-08-06 15.18.01

I love my little helper and my little doer. We’re always having fun in the kitchen and at the park but I’m so happy to see her growing in new ways every day.P1040348

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