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Early July, Back Home

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2014-07-19 18.28.19

It was truly glorious to return home. 3 weeks is a long time to be away. In South Carolina I had fallen in love with the crepe myrtles every where and when we came home I realized that we have several hot-pink ones and they were in full bloom. So beautiful to return home to for sure.IMG_1934 IMG_1923

The fourth of July was very tame compared to usual. Instead of a roadtrip I loaded up the family for a trip to a nearby parade. They only handed out candy in big bags to people who looked like they were in a big enough group to share it so we were all a bit disappointed to not get any treats. But I loved the tractors and the cars. Anna liked the flags and balloons and the little bit of music. She is still pointing out flags while we drive around in the car. “That is a fourth of July flag and a Texas flag!” On the way home we stopped for some fireworks. Anna got to try out her first snappers and we waved sparklers in the twilight. Jacob set off some little fireworks, including a pair of dueling tanks. Our neighbors heard the ruckus and brought theirs out in the culdesac too for a bit more fun. IMG_1932 IMG_1935

I noticed how much Isaac had grown during our vacation when I tried to do the normal things we had done before we left. I put him in the swing and had to start the poor thing with a push. His massive enertia was too much for the tiny motor to overcome. The same with tummy time. Obviously he has had plenty of it during vacation but I went to put him on the floor for tummy time and while I was doing dishes I looked up once and he was on his back. I knew I hadn’t put him there because he was off his little blanket. He really started sleeping on his side a bunch while on vacation so it wasn’t a huge leap to the full 180 degree roll but a pleasant surprise anyway.2014-07-05 10.00.57

Jacob worked really hard on our home for the first few days back. The lawn needed so much attention. The mail back log was seeemingly endless. And coming home we noticed how many rooms and walls still need our attention. Anna and I painted some living room art. Jacob picked out some room colors. We finally moved our television off the card table and onto a permanent piece of furniture. I’m sure part of his busy nature was due to still not wanting to return to work after a bit of vacation but I loved his productivity overdrive!2014-07-07 14.37.59 2014-07-13 18.48.40

Anna came back a little lonely. There was no longer an endless supply of adults to entertain her. I took extra care to make sure she felt loved and played with and included in the chores. And when I set up our first play date to have friends visit our house Anna literally squealed with joy upon their arrival. She ran in circles, throwing herself onto furniture and the floor and wouldn’t stop talking for a bit. The little girl immediately clung to her mother’s leg until Anna’s nervous/excited talking turned to quiet invitations to play. I still remember sitting in the living room chatting with our guests over Anna’s loose cannon play when Jacob snuck into the kitchen for a drink. “There is my dad. Hi dad. Do you see my dad?”2014-07-14 16.37.05 2014-07-17 10.44.01

We’ve kept ourselves busy with projects and play dates. I started a quilt at my mother’s house and am currently hand quilting it. I finished another quilt (it just needed the binding but my hands have been full with a newborn). And have since begun another. Seems a bit wild but the rule my mother has that I have picked up on is you always need one machine project and one hand project. It comes in handy, one for when you have the time like the sacred double nap time and the other for evening television time with the family. It works out great for everyone except poor Jacob who sometime has to tell me what I missed, visually, in our show.

2014-07-13 22.30.222014-07-07 17.32.21My favorite part about being home has been our nature adventures. Jacob took us all out for a hike one Saturday. It was a pinch anticlimactic compared to Sleeping Giant but we were out and enjoying our fair city. Then I took the kids to the Cibolo Nature Center which is in a nearby town. A free, beautiful, and shady creek to play in, why yes please! Anna had a blast and we only even left because we needed a bathroom break and it was apparent we also needed a nap. But the climbing and exploring, the mud grabbing and the dragonfly chasing all made for an exciting and refreshing adventure for all of us.

2014-07-19 11.41.512014-07-24 12.30.09 2014-07-22 11.45.32

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