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Isaac at 7 months

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 by | 0 comments

IMG_2783On Monday my little man turned 7 months old. We took him in for his flu booster shot and he didn’t cry at all after the shot. He weighed in at a solid 23 lbs 4 oz.2014-10-27 13.51.51

He is dying to move and crawl, but hasn’t quite figured out forward motion yet. Isaac loves being on the ground with his toys. He rolls every which way and spins like a train turntable. When something is just out of his reach he will stretch for it with his arms, then he will rock onto his knees which usually just pushes him backwards, farther from his desired object, then he will belly flop and wiggle all his limbs and cry out in frustration.IMG_2784

He still doesn’t have any teeth but does want to put everything in his mouth. I have a hard time drinking out of a water bottle when I am holding him because he reaches for it and throws himself around in my arms trying to grab it. He eats solids every morning and evening, sweet potatoes and pears seem to be his favorites while peas and carrots rank pretty low.IMG_25432014-10-06 10.14.08

Our little guy is sitting up well now and only topples over when he is reaching for something. He likes to sit with his stacking rings, his Winnie-the-Pooh baby bear, or his sister’s toy cow. Earlier this week Anna had a friend over and they would stack the rings for him and Isaac would take them all off. “He’s destroying it!” Well, that’s his job!IMG_27592014-10-03 13.18.09

If he gets cranky it is usually because we have him confined. He isn’t a fan of the stroller or the exersaucer so much. He will put up with them but he loves being carried and cuddled or he likes to explore on his own on the ground. The past week he has been a little extra cranky and waking up several times a night, my arms are sometimes the only place he is happy. He almost always complains when we strap him into his car seat but is usually asleep before we leave the subdivision; he loves car rides.IMG_2506 IMG_2531

Isaac is obsessed with hair. I was stroking Anna’s hair during family scripture study one night and he was dying trying to reach for it too. I helped him find some and he gently patted it and held it. Jacob is growing a beard these days and Isaac is mesmerized when his hand reaches it. Maybe he is confused because it isn’t long enough to grab but it isn’t so short that it is scratchy. He really isn’t much of a hair yanker, he’ll grab but in an exploratory way.P1040512

We sure love watching him grow. And I especially adore seeing how Anna kindly takes care of him, bringing him toys, playing with him, searching for ways to make him laugh. I’m one blessed lady to have such a wonderful family around me all the time!IMG_2660


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