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Slow August

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by | 0 comments


We didn’t even notice how hot it gets here in San Antonio during the hottest month of the year since we were sick for most of the month. We missed friends and church. Anna turned up with an ear infection proper and in general we took in a lot of television and couch cuddling. I’m grateful that Isaac avoided anything that we had.P1040414 P1040424

When Jacob is cooped up and has access to a computer that means that things get ordered of Amazon. It got a little out of control and we ended up with virtual reality goggles, an electric motor bike wheel, a jumper for Isaac, and some thick spaghetti. I think this might have been our first grocery purchase from Amazon. We all had fun using our bodies as controlers for the VR goggles. Well, instead of goggles it was more of a cardboard box for your phone. We were cracking up at the silly 360 degree movies and at each other spinning around while staring into a tiny box.IMG_2051 IMG_2054 P1040396

The motorized bike wheel has made the hill we live at the top of a non-issue. We can go out, get a ride in and not have to walk our bike up our street to our house. I love it and that is saying a lot because I was more than skeptical when Jacob put it on. But yard sale hunting around the neighborhood is best done on a bike, I’ve learned. Jacob even rode it over to our next-door neighborhood to a lemonade stand some of our friends were having.P10404032014-08-11 16.34.48

Isaac loved the jumper from day one he was put in it. And he gets a bit excited at even the mention of it.2014-09-01 11.06.16IMG_2081

Some mornings, just to get some fresh air, Anna and I took Isaac outside. Us girls would run around while Isaac rolled around and sucked his thumb. We took plenty of breaks but the morning temperatures were great for enjoying the backyard.2014-08-08 08.43.13 2014-08-08 08.43.33

Jacob taught Anna how to play Jenga! When we play card games or board games the winner gets to yell “winner!” But Jenga is a little different, Anna picked up on the difference quick and shouted “Loser!” when the tiles toppled. Anna is getting very good at focusing and fine motor control, which opens up a world activities for us to play with her.¬†P1040407 IMG_2058 2014-08-05 10.22.44


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