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Fall Trip to Virginia

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 by | 0 comments

The kids and I flew out to Virginia to visit my family! Jacob was a trooper and stayed home to teach seminary for the week and a half I was away. We stayed with my parents and visited with my sister so so much. They were so happy to see us and I was grateful for all the help with the kids. I wasn’t very confident about flying out by myself. But Isaac and Anna are so sweet and made the trip a breeze. Of course a bit of spoiling from the grandparents is always welcome in Anna’s book. We enjoyed the cooler weather and the need to actually wear a pair of pants.


Some kids bring carry-ons full of toys for a trip. My daughter insisted on a lunch box. *nom nom nom!*

2014-10-07 12.43.43

Isaac explored the mall play area for the first time on this trip. His sister was happy to show him the ropes.
IMG_2414 2014-09-29 12.17.53

Anna loves cuddling and reading with her grandparents. I think my daughter can recite the Richard Scary book about Pig Will and Pig Won’t by heart after all the reading Meme did. We watched plenty of football and Isaac couldn’t get enough of it and his red ball (see the video). We got out Anna’s old car for him to walk around in and he would go right to where that ball was, or towards me if he was hungry, or towards the ball game if one was on. Oh what a boy we have!IMG_2638 IMG_2699

Rachel took us to the pumpkin patch. Anna couldn’t get enough of the animals and the hay. While adoring the beautiful peacocks and peahens I wondered outloud what they are called together, peafolk? Anna suggested “pea-family.” There was a hay bale maze that she adored. At first she kind of walked in then walked out. But Jonny told her to touch all the signs and that was a mental challenge she tackled with class. She also found a friend to play tag and hide and seek with later. Isaac adored his uncle and couldn’t get enough of his necklace, he was entranced. There were goats and horses to pet, ponies to ride, and ice cream to enjoy. It was a great afternoon with the family.IMG_2344 IMG_2398 IMG_2348 IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2360 IMG_2365 IMG_2377 IMG_2386

Rachel and I also met up with Josh and Linda from Community High School and toured the new building. We had a good time catching up and taking in the fancy digs.IMG_2410

But mostly our trip was the normal country get-away. We took walks in the woods, picked food out of the garden, fed the chickens and cats, colored, read, rode the tricycle, cuddled, sewed, and went to the park. Man are Meme and Anna two peas in a pod, best friends without a doubt. They love to go on adventures together whether it is to the park or slaying dragons down the hall.IMG_2445 IMG_2447 IMG_2457

My sister was a huge help with the kids. I was so worried about the airplane rides that I forgot what parenting was like without Jacob to help. Rachel was constantly making food, cleaning up, and entertaining Anna. Anna loved helping Auntie with whatever she was doing whether it was dishes or sweeping the floor.2014-10-06 20.10.13IMG_2703

Rachel took us to a fair in Buchanan. I ran into an old teammate from high school and chatted with her while Rachel and Anna rode the hay ride.IMG_2644 IMG_2645

Anna got a doctor kit from her grandparents. She loves it to pieces! She gave all of us check-ups and shots. We lost more than a little arm hair to all the band-aids she kept applying after those shots we had to be brave for.2014-09-29 17.56.522014-09-28 21.15.10

Anna was so good on her tricycle. She would ride it around the deck forever, especially if one of us was out there with her commentating the race she was in and winning!IMG_2464 IMG_2473 IMG_2487

Anna loves taking walks. We wandered down the secret path in the front forest and we pretended: we gathered sticks for our fire and roasted marshmallows. Here is Anna explaining our adventure. We found spiders and flowers and walking sticks. We hunted new trails and avoided stray barbed wire. She makes everything special when she points out little details or stops to listen to new sounds.

IMG_2517 IMG_2507

My father was a complete professional at holding Isaac and calming him down, finding something for him to focus on and in general being an awesome grandpa. Isaac loved playing with his red ball in Pop Pop’s lap or watching sports with him. Our favorite of course was when they snoozed together. This is how real men enjoy a couch.IMG_2732IMG_2640

My dad brought out his baby pictures. It was fun seeing him so young. I think he looks a lot like Isaac. It is always so wonderful to hear stories and enjoy my family’s history.

My parents took us out to eat a few times. Anna and Isaac both loved the Homeplace. I think Isaac likes going anywhere with his Aunty Rachel, they are the best snuggle bunnies. Anna ate three fried chicken legs and we all took in the sunset view of the valley. Good food, great people, always wonderful.IMG_2543 IMG_2580 IMG_2545 IMG_2559 IMG_2567

Isaac tackled some firsts on our trip right after his 6th month birthday. He couldn’t get enough solids, I started feeding him regularly twice a day. He is sitting up so well and sat in a high chair when we went out to eat. He surprised me with his strength each time. He is a happy boy and so excited to play. He is no longer a baby doll to carry around but a growing little guy who wants to grab and eat anything he can reach, including his toes!IMG_26602014-10-02 15.38.13 2014-10-06 10.14.08

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