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Halloween ’14

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DSC_1338 2014-10-26 12.30.13

Anna wanted to be a super girl this Halloween. After her first activity dressed up as that, our church trunk-or-treat, she wanted to be a ghost like her Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin story. And then after dinner on Halloween itself she asked if I would make her a costume so she could be Rainbow Dash. We had to talk her into her already-made costume but she had a blast running around as a super girl on Halloween night and showing everyone who seemed interested that the underside of her cape was My Little Ponies!P1040579 DSC_1173 P1040574

One house we stopped at during our romp around the neighborhood had a little girl handing out candy who loved My Little Ponies and her name was Anna too. We scored some extra handfuls of candy there. Anna’s visit to two of our seminary students homes were also particularly fruitful. Although I know she would have loved to visit every student’s home.2014-10-25 12.18.48

Isaac was a happy camper for the first half of our excursion on Halloween night. Then he got upset until I carried him in his carrier. He is a little Momma’s boy for sure. Yes, he loves his cuddles but I also think he just likes being worn because it is our normal now. He doesn’t usually spend so much time in the stroller.IMG_2786 DSC_1323 DSC_1320

2014-10-31 18.46.50

You were flying a little crooked there, miss.

Anna had no concept of quitting. She just wanted to keep on going. I said to her while Isaac was crying that we would have to go home now. But her response was, “one more spooky house, Mom.” Then we did one more spooky house and another and then I got the idea to wear him and we were good for another hour. Near the end, I carried her bag down a long stretch of dark porch lights. She told me that her neck hurt and that we really needed a neck massager like Meme and Pop Pop have. Oh, wouldn’t it be nice. But no wonder her neck hurt, Jacob weighed her haul at over 6.5 lbs of candy. He is in heaven with his never-ending supply of candy. Er, I mean Anna is…haha.2014-10-31 21.11.15 2014-10-31 18.45.53

The trunk-or-treat was so much fun. Carnivals, hot dogs and chili, then the treats! Anna played all the carnival games and loved seeing her seminary friends. They helped her bead necklaces and bowl with pumpkins. Anna made a new friend with one of our students little sisters. This led to a play date very soon afterwards.2014-10-24 18.29.07 2014-10-24 18.41.52 2014-10-24 18.53.13

Anna got treated from all the trunks and then we made our way back to chat with some friends and one of our students let her help hand out the candy. This was by far her favorite part of the night and she now has a best friend come to our class every morning who she says hi to and draws pictures for. Anna even asks if she can sit next to her most mornings in our class. 2014-10-24 20.14.06

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