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At the Neighborhood Park

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 by | 0 comments

DSC_1939I don’t often take my camera to the park with the kids. Sometimes I’ll snap a little something on my phone, but mostly we are there to play and I have my hands full. But I recently had my excitement renewed about our DSLR and a week ago I walked the kids down to the park and brought along the camera. Our friends joined us and we spent the entire afternoon running around the park. The weather was gorgeous and the kids were happy. Isaac has been such a good sport at the playground. He mostly stays on his quilt wherever I put him. However, if there is something worth chasing, he’ll traverse the mulch, rocks, and any other barrier to go after it. On this park day there was a¬†football our friend had brought. He wanted to chase that thing everywhere.DSC_1890 DSC_2008 DSC_2005

Joshua and Anna love running around together. It was honestly hard to catch a good shot of them in motion because they were so fast. At first he called me the photo monster and the two of them just ran away and away (and loved being chased ;)).

DSC_1932 DSC_1913 DSC_1988

Anne-Marie is such a good friend. She was the first person in Texas who I felt I could drop in on, she is welcoming and real. And I always want to be around her because she is so exuberant, just full of energy and life. So we tend to hang out and always text each other when we are headed to the park. I’m glad she could make it this day because we love chatting. Her sister-in-law came too and we have so much in common. (Although her graphic design skills are real and not just in her dream-world reality like mine.) And then another friend from church showed up with her dad and we just had a whole party at the park.

DSC_2029 DSC_1998 DSC_2001

The best part, as always, was when Jacob showed up. He works hard and plays hard! He was chasing the kids, pushing them on the swings, tossing Isaac in the air, and making everyone laugh. DSC_2065 DSC_2048 DSC_2082I went to push Isaac in the baby swing but he didn’t seem interested. Jacob took over and told me I wasn’t pushing him high enough. Jacob really got him going and then played the kick Daddy game. He was giggling so much. Oh and when the older kids got in on the kicking it was nothing but laughs. When Jacob was tired and took a break Anna pleaded with him to come and get kicked. “Oh I think I’m done getting kicked for now.” Anna quickly replied, “well, just walk in front of us and see what happens!” So inviting, that one.

DSC_2064 DSC_2017

December has led us to cookie baking, light spotting, and nativity coloring. But we have had our share of not so seasonal activities too, like park time, backyard flower and berry picking, and bike rides too. Ahh, Texas! Gotta love it.

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