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Isaac at 9 months

Posted on Dec 29, 2014 by | 0 comments

Man this guy is getting old! I would seriously like to know where my newborn boy went because Isaac is moving all over the place. He is crawling like lightning. Can’t take your eyes off of him for a second. He is so curious. Toys aren’t really his thing for the moment. Sure, he’ll be entertained by one for bit but really only as long as it is a good teether. He really wants to see what YOU are doing. He is pulling himself up now, surely as a result of Anna grabbing interesting things and sitting on the couch with them. My interested Isaac needed to be a part of the action and learned how. Now he pulls up on everything: chairs, walls, couches, toy grocery carts, the craft wall, the ottoman. And he learned to walk down them too, you know to invade Anna’s space some more.2014-12-08 11.05.11 DSC_1655

He is a top-notch high-fiver. And just this week clapped for the first time. His hands are just learning everything. When he crawls around he always has something in his hand. Sometimes he carries his favorite yellow ball, or block, or bean bag.IMG_3115 DSC_2090 DSC_2224 DSC_2196

He has one tooth now and is cutting the second bottom tooth as I write. And the miraculous thing is that his teething isn’t interrupting his sleep training at all. That guy is getting pretty good at sleeping in his own crib again. He was a pro before we introduced solids at 6 months then he would no longer sleep for long stretches. Then some sickness and travelling put him in our bed and we all just got comfortable that way. But Jacob is a rocking dad who is an expert shusher and the two of them are figuring it out together.


Isaac likes sitting in the carts at the grocery store and at the park he rides in the stroller and crawls around on the ground now rather than being carried. I still carry him on walks and at museums and such but he is getting more independent each day. 2014-12-02 19.22.59 2014-12-19 11.23.57

I’m so glad that he is getting to a place where he and Anna can play. A lot of that play right now has Anna hollering “NO!” But sometimes it is all tickles and giggles. One time Isaac was crawling around behind our couch and Anna grabbed a scarf and dropped it over the couch back to go “fishing”. She kept catching Isaac. He would notice the new dangling thing and slowly figure out how to get a hand up to grab it. They would play tug of war for a second and joyfully do it all over again. Isaac cracks up when he is in Jacob’s arms and Anna runs around his legs in a circle, hiding and showing herself to Isaac. His arms flail with excitement when he finds his sister. From the backseat last week, I heard Anna inform me that Isaac was trying to hold her hand. His arm was sticking out towards her and she caught it and held his hand for a bit. It just makes me so happy to see them already so close.DSC_2083IMG_3097

Isaac did have his first bonk this month. Us neglectful parents turned our eyes for a second and that guy bonked his head on our toy shelf. Or at least that is what we assume happened. The cut was right in his eyebrow and there was enough blood for me to fret for over an hour over whether he needed stitches or not but it really was just a scratch. He was fine from the second I held him to let Jacob bandage it up, no more crying just sometimes itching the band-aid. We joke that the ladies will love the scar and also that he now matches his scar-in-the-eyebrow daddy, same eye and everything. Two peas in a pod those reckless men of mine!


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