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Baby Liam

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 by | 0 comments

Jacob’s sister, Emily had a baby boy just a few weeks ago. We are overjoyed to have a little boy for a cousin just about the same age as Isaac. And we were ecstatic when they asked us for a place to stay during a cross country road trip. They hadn’t met Isaac yet. We hadn’t met Liam. It was perfect.DSC_3171

I finished the quilt I’d been making for him. Emily chose Winnie the Pooh as her nursery theme so we ran with that. My mom helped me pick some wonderful blues from her happy fabric stash. It is simple, and the tan thread gives it a bit of a retro feel. I hope he comes to enjoy snuggling it.DSC_3141 DSC_3165

We just rested all day Saturday. Their family enjoyed a car-free day and we loved catching up with them. I didn’t mind all the the snuggly time with our new family member. He was so sweet and so tiny and Mr. Liam has so much hair! Wowza. He was a joy to hold and Isaac didn’t protest too much, he was too distracted by their little dog.DSC_3183

Louis is a very nice dog and was super sweet to my kids. He even put up with Isaac’s kind of petting! But the first day Anna was so scared of his energy. She warmed up to him though and really liked petting him. Isaac mostly just stared. He watched the dog wherever he went, followed him often. But it took most of the day for Isaac to work up the courage to pet Louis. He stared at the dog for maybe 10 minutes before slowly reaching out to pet his paw. Once he had touched him he was fine going and doing something else but the concentration in our little guy was entertaining.DSC_3174

Jacob’s theory of his obsession with the dog was that it had found a way through the barrier of storage tubs that keeps Isaac confined to our living room and out of our kitchen. Isaac wanted to know his secrets! Louis would just swoop between them and Isaac would watch him. One time, however, Louis swooped through right by Isaac. My little guy shook from surprise then let out a cry of surprise/fear. Then he was okay since the threat had passed. I’ve can’t remember having seen him scared before.

Anna tried to be hospitable. It wasn’t easy with the adults wanting to talk about their stuff and her cousin just napping all the time. Newborns are pretty boring when you are 3 and a half. But she talked sweetly to Liam and even read to him. IMG_3345

The Hackers were a wonderful addition to our weekend. We are glad they went out of their way to stop by. And feel so lucky to have so many siblings, and a steadily growing number of cousins! It keeps life eventful for sure.

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