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Isaac at 10ish months

Posted on Feb 7, 2015 by | 0 comments

DSC_3110My little man is creeping up on toddlerdom. He is the quickest crawler around. Oh man do we have to be quick when something catches his eye. A phone left within reach. The chalkboard unguarded. His favorite ball released from the clutches of a busy big sister. This boy is lightning. He also likes to just stand to be cool. I’ll be wrestling or tickling with Anna in the living room on the floor and he’ll crawl over to check out the scene. He’ll stand up using me only a little and then stand over us, just watching and nomming something for his poor teeth.DSC_3124

He just got in his third tooth this week. That upper left front tooth cut through and by the way he is chomping on everything its neighbor can’t be far behind. He loves to feed himself, that is his favorite way to enjoy meal times with us but he can’t handle more than puffs and the occasional pea. He has come a long way to even get peas past his gag reflex and we are so happy to see him progressing there. DSC_3067

Speaking of progress, Isaac can climb an entire flight of stairs on his own. We have to watch him near the step stool we leave out for Anna because he will happily climb the two steps to be taller. At a playdate this week he wandered to the stairs and I just followed him up as he ascended right to the second floor without a flinch. Oh okay then, super boy.

2015-02-03 09.36.09

Of course Isaac can’t get enough of Anna. He follows her everywhere. He wants to play what she is playing, legos, cups, bathtime. I set out an inviting water play for him in the kitchen and Anna wanted to play too. I tried to escalate it a little for her from shallow tray of water (for a baby!) to just enough tub for scooping (for my preschooler) but he wanted in on the action. Good thing we had plenty of towels on hand. Anna has a firm grasp on activities that are meant just for her, little legos, painting and crafting, playing tag, but has yet to grasp that sometimes we do things just for Isaac. And maybe I need to learn how to better convey that, too. Isaac’s wonderful 2 hour naps give Anna and I plenty of fun time to ourselves. But our evenings are wonderful blends of family fun for everyone.DSC_3127

I often send Anna on a mission to entertain him if he gets lonely during meal prep. And they are getting the hang of laughing together. Anna likes to chase Isaac around. He has learned the meaning of “I’m gonna get you!” and crawls away as fast as his little legs will let him. His sweet big sister slowly chases him, kindly letting him run for a bit, then snatches his tummy. Isaac joyfully face-plants in excitement then gets back up for another round. He usually just watches when we play alligator with Anna (more running and catching) but sometimes we like to make him the flying alligator. The giggles are contagious. Recently, Isaac figured out how to blow raspberries. I find it hilarious. The kids and I just make the funny sound back and forth. Maybe it’s our love language?2015-01-27 10.56.382015-01-26 09.27.55

Isaac is learning how to teach already.  The other night he was cruising the couch as usual and grabbed my hand. He hit it against my leg. I let him be in control. Then he grabbed my other hand and made me clap. It was expert. We laughed together and I made him clap and then he made me again. That little guy is so much fun to talk to and play with. He loves to read books and is my page turner right now. He loves the book That’s Not My Bear and spends significant time touching the special fuzzy/rough/shiny parts on each page. I usually can’t get away with only reading it once. And I’m alright with that. 2015-01-27 12.19.02

He is so amazing to hold and cuddle and I really only get to when we read, or for the few minutes he nurses, or the few seconds after a bonk or injury, or when we are winding down at night. He is an independent sir and always has more exploring to do. He has shown us he can crawl on top of the bins we use to pen him in for the moment but he has yet to find the confidence to lower himself to the other side.2015-01-26 14.23.46-2

He is really getting into throwing. The food at the end of a meal ends up on the floor. The toys end up on the other side of the bins. His clothes end up in the bathwater. Thank you Jacob for showing my little man how to toss a pebble into the river. His new love of throwing obviously stems from this day at Guadalupe River State Park. Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised, throwing is in his blood.1928816_512116357627_7941_n

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