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Isaac at 11 Months

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by | 0 comments

2015-02-21 12.41.52My baby is toddling!!! We bought him one pair of nice shoes to wobble around in. Size 5 extra wide. That boy, just like Anna at his age, has some chunky feet. He is getting used to the shoes. He tried to shake them off when we first put them on him but now they are the norm. And he has only tried to eat them once, as far as I know.2015-02-18 14.00.21DSC_3173

This little guy is feeling so big to me. I love seeing him play with his sister. I love seeing him walk. I’m so grateful that he had the confidence to take those first steps. And that he is willing to keep plopping and falling on his way to mastering the use of his two feet. He isn’t so interested in cuddling me anymore. I get to hold him during snack time but then he is gone: crawling, exploring, finding out what Anna is up to, trying to scale the kitchen step stool, investigating the back door, or trying to sneak into the bathroom.2015-02-20 14.52.13 2015-02-20 14.52.52

He has become so strong that we gave up on our tub-wall system. He just kept breaking through, finding the lighter ones and pushing them aside so he could join the fun in the kitchen or hall. It was nice while it lasted and the tub-tops made a nice surface for cruising and play. My little guy had big dreams so now he gets to stand at our fridge to his heart’s content but can someone please inform him that the recycling can is not just a toy bin filled with fun treasures, please?2015-02-07 15.01.05 2015-01-31 12.01.16

Isaac is still adorably chunky in the arms and legs, though they are thinning out with his new mode of mobility. His hair is so beautifully blond and getting long or rather just right for his cute boy-self. My little guy has four teeth now. Although he loves to use them to chomp foods he still struggles in the swallowing department. So we are sticking to foods that are mostly mush or dissolve in his mouth but he loves to sit at the table with us.DSC_3236 DSC_3230

We feel super blessed that he got to hang out with his grandparents this month. They loved helping him walk around and exposing him to new foods.2015-01-30 10.49.10

This guy is so full of fun. He loves to make raspberry sounds. He will drop whatever he is doing if he hears “if you’re happy and you know it”. No really, lethargy and thumb sucking? Staring off in space? Concentrating on a shape sorter? All will be forgotten, his eyes light up and Isaac starts clapping. Music of any kind gets my guy swaying and interested. But his sweet recognition of one song he can join in on brings our home a little extra joy everyday. 2015-02-16 11.25.07

His legs are always crossed at the ankles. I think it is sort of adorable. 2015-02-19 11.44.23 2015-02-15 13.02.32 IMG_3394

Happy 11 months Isaac. We sure love having you here as a big part of our little family!

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