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DSC_3588 DSC_3581Easter was a ton of fun. It was close to Isaac’s birthday so he was spoiled for a week! We hid eggs and hunted them for the week before and the week after Easter. Anna loved taking turns hiding and finding them all. But when we went out for the hunt, in true practically-only-child fashion, she did not want to race. We’ll have to practice a bit when Isaac gets older to prepare her for next year. That was so much fun. Anna loves reading her easter book she got from her Grandparents about an old lady who swallowed a chick (and all the other fixing to an Easter basket).2015-03-30 14.17.14 2015-04-05 10.15.24IMG_3677

But the holiday weekend itself was uneventful. We watched general conference together. The broadcast online is usually laggy so we haven’t been very diligent about on-time watching in past years but I had challenged the seminary kids to watch it and said we would talk about it on Monday so we had to watch! The kids both did a wonderful job of napping during the sessions. Anna, on both days, watched the first session and napped through the second. Very handy for my note-taking for sure. Anyway, we had fun holed up in the house all weekend, getting the house in order a bit, ah spring cleaning.IMG_3649 2015-04-21 14.56.18-1 2015-04-21 19.58.26

Our seminary class discussing GC was a lot of fun. The kids had grasped lots of tid-bits to chat about for a while. We talked about Elder Hollands talk, President Uchtdorf teasing us by conducting in German for a sentence or two, and Elder Ballard’s suggestions about asking girls out to their face instead of via text led to a whole conversation on dating. We love having those teens in our home each morning and are really grateful for the calling to learn the scriptures with them this year. Recently, our class size doubled and it has been a fun change. The feel is a little more classroom and a little less family discussion around the dinner table but we love hearing their thoughts, and learning their struggles (testing, endorsements, mutual!), and finding answers and direction in the scriptures. It’s so awesome.2015-04-19 17.00.00 2015-04-19 13.36.05

Anna sang in sacrament last Sunday. She did so wonderfully. She was so excited and confident. She seemed to know all the words to the first verse. She was even practicing the song the morning of. She came out to the kitchen while I was preparing lunch with some music on and scolded me, “I’m trying to feel the spirit in our home and you have country music on?!” Then she told me some of the lyrics that were in her head. She failed to mention they would be singing in sacrament today but I had a great view of my sunbeam since she was near the podium. I may have cried a bit thinking about how sweet she is and how grown up she is getting.2015-05-10 11.09.07 2015-03-30 13.01.11

We danced to music, jumped over dad’s legs, played ring around the rosy, and learned new dance moves. Anna called Grandpa and told him all about singing in church and the female cardinal bonking herself into our window and why. The bird has been a fixture at our home for over a week now. Yay for spring!DSC_3621 2015-04-19 20.02.25

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