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One Great Mother’s Day

Posted on May 30, 2015 by | 0 comments

2015-05-01 09.06.57My family does an amazing job making me feel special this time of year. I’m so blessed to be a mother of two lovely children. I’m blessed to have wonderful women in my life and be able to celebrate them. Anna worked hard on Mother’s day gifts this year. She made me a sweet bouquet of flowers and bought happy balloon, which she shared with Isaac too so we all could have fun.2015-04-26 11.56.47

Her grandmothers really enjoyed their gifts. I’m grateful we have an excuse to make special things for them too. It makes Anna so happy when she creates for them.2015-04-25 11.07.46

My birthday was a few days before Mother’s day. Jacob took off from work so we could all be together. We celebrated over two days which meant twice the cheesecake and twice the singing. I got amazing gifts. Anna found matching yoga mats for us. She got a pretty red one and she got a beautiful purple one for me. Now we can do yoga or any exercise together. She was so thoughtful. I really love having her for my friend. Doing yoga with her this past week has been so much fun. She is so diligent about copying the video. Until she isn’t, and then I find her crawling through my downward dog position. It’s great.2015-05-11 22.01.51

She and Isaac have been doing a great job of playing together. They wrestle and hug. They share toys and chase one another. Anna will snuggle with Isaac and read him a book, or help him climb, or play ball with him. Together they fill our home with laughter and joy. I can’t help but notice it a little extra this time of year.2015-04-21 20.06.14 2015-05-07 12.51.44

(Full disclosure: they also fill our home with lots of odd, annoying sounds, with some whiny complaints too. We have quite the orchestra of emotions around here. Never dull, though.)2015-05-28 16.41.23

Isaac has graduated to his very own happy meals when we eat out and a booster seat here at home. He loves to feed himself and to sit with his sister when she is homework or crafting. Seeing him grow warms my heart. Just a couple weeks ago Anna read her first scripture in primary. She spent the weekend memorizing the 4th article of faith so she could recite/read it in primary. She did awesome and only looked up for help once, out of nerves. I guess seeing all my kids grow warms my heart.2015-05-07 12.12.22 2015-05-07 12.12.43

It is super fun being a mother and I’m grateful that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have these children and take care of them. They keep life interesting, for sure.2015-04-25 20.53.00


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