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Anna Turned 4

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 by | 0 comments

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Princess Anna!AnnaTurns4-18

My beautiful little girl needed a trim. I just found a stylist to take care of my curly locks and decided I could trust her with my precious Anna’s as well. Anna felt so pampered at the salon! And they all just thought she was the sweetest thing. I may be biased but I have to agree with them!

Anna Haircut 2015

This girl is stupendous.AnnaTurns4-1-2 AnnaTurns4-2-2AnnaTurns4-4-2

We hopped a plane and flew out to Virginia for the week before Anna’s birthday.AnnaTurns4-9AnnaTurns4-21

I was nervous about traveling alone with the kids, again, but Anna showed me that I can expect good things from her always. She was very helpful with Isaac, chatting and playing with him. She sometimes had to share a seat with him, or push him and get pushed by him in the stroller for terminal entertainment. Isaac was such a runner at the airport. He has a very good sense of direction: the right way for baby Isaac is consistently away from the gate. One time in Atlanta on our layover, where we almost were stuck for the night so I was extremely stressed, Isaac ran and I chased him with Anna next to me. When I grabbed him and looked around, I couldn’t find her. I was dying. I kept turning and peering around people for my short girl, so worried. Then I spotted her, she was halfway to us from our gate pushing the stroller. I told her I’d appreciate it if she stayed nearby, but she knew our gate number and just said she went back to get the stroller since we’d left it. I was relieved and proud but anxious, what do I do with this girl?AnnaTurns4-3 AnnaTurns4-2 AnnaTurns4-1

MeMe worked her hard on the farm. They were in the garden every nice day. Anna planted lettuce, watered all the baby plants, and made mud pies. “Oh, your feet are muddy,” MeMe told Anna. She then buried them in the dirt. “Now no one can say they are muddy.”AnnaTurns4-6AnnaTurns4-4

She picked eggs and helped Isaac chase chickens. It was hilarious to watch him try to catch them. And it warmed my heart to see him roam without getting into trouble. (That kid does not know the difference between a sidewalk and the road). He was just so happy.AnnaTurns4-13 AnnaTurns4-11AnnaTurns4-14

Anna had a lot of fun with MeMe playing sports. They hiked and played basketball, soccer, and badminton. She would say, “that’s a good mitten,” when one of them had a good hit.AnnaTurns4-3-3 AnnaTurns4-2-3 AnnaTurns4-4-3 AnnaTurns4-20

She tackled three separate LEGO kits with enthusiasm. Isaac liked playing along side her with the castle duplos but she did the Frozen castle one without his help. My dad liked helping her with the legos and referring to everything with correct terminology. “I think you need another bearing,” etc. Engineers make pretty great grandfathers.AnnaTurns4-1-3 AnnaTurns4-5-2

We ate at the Homeplace one night when the weather was nice and Uncle Jonny was in town. Anna was enjoying her glass of lemonade and Jonny filled her glass up with water. “I sure love lemonade,” sip, “-or water! ” Anna can be very sweet and polite. I was trying to talk her into eating her green beans when I observed, “Isaac you are being such a good example eating your beans!” He immediately stands up in his high chair and Anna replies, “sometimes he’s a bad example.” Nice observation yourself, Anna.
AnnaTurns4-8 AnnaTurns4-7 AnnaTurns4-10

Anna had a fun birthday. She couldn’t wait for the cake that she made and decorated with MeMe. And the presents were a surprise since she’d been getting gifts all week. During the cake eating Anna informed us that this was the best birthday ever. Not two hours later she said this was the worst birthday ever since I had told her (hours previous) that she couldn’t go to bed. The poor girl was exhausted and Aunty helped her get to bed. She had had too much fun in the best way. We had fun celebrating with our big 4 year old.AnnaTurns4-19 AnnaTurns4-17 AnnaTurns4-16

And the caption of Anna’s birthday Instagram post: Happy 4th Birthday to my dearest daughter Anna Marshmallow!! She could hardly wait for candles and cake this evening. In fact when we sang to her after she woke up she expected we’d be eating cake right then for breakfast. She’s my sweet helper and bright playmate who loves to play school, doctor, or princesses (Anna says: and band!). She’s understanding and kind. Anna is dying to learn, from the words we use and read to the jokes on the wall at chikfila to climbing and jumping. I’m quite blessed to be her mom! Love you sweety!AnnaTurns4-12


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