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Exploring Charlotte

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 by | 0 comments

Back in August, before we closed on the house, we met up with Jacob’s parents down in North Carolina. We are so so happy to be within driving distance of them now. 

Friday evening, we met up with the Allred’s at the local recreational pool. It had a water slide, lazy river, kids shallow part. Anna’s favorite place was the vortex that was about 15′ in diameter and spun in circles. She wore a little life vest and would jump in and spin from belly to back over and over. Isaac was super brave and asked to go under the dumping buckets and would climb the steps.2015-08-08 11.38.00 2015-08-08 11.19.53 2015-08-08 10.56.23

It was hard to catch up with the grandparents over the noise of rushing water but they just wanted to chase the little cuties anyhow. But we made up for it staying up late in the hotel chatting while the kids played with their Grandma goody bags! She always knows just the thing that will captivate them.2015-08-08 13.49.56 2015-08-08 13.20.39 2015-08-08 14.02.42

We spent the whole day Saturday at the science museum in downtown Charlotte, the Discovery Place. Anna loved the doll house and all the animals, she even painted a pet rock with Grandma. Isaac loved this wavy walking path in the toddler section, the water table, and the pneumatic tubes with puff balls. Isaac literally snuggled into his car seat when I sat him in it. His eyes were fluttering shut before I even buckled him in. He wore himself out.2015-08-08 12.13.51 2015-08-08 20.13.49-1

We went to a buffet for dinner. Isaac ate so much food, including some spicy chicken. Anna cracked us all up by being so excited about getting two flavors of ice cream at once! I was a little dissapointed that my fortune from my cookie didn’t have all the answers…2015-08-08 19.25.43 2015-08-08 19.29.35

After dinner, we ran around at an odd broken sculpture. Anna loved the opportunity to play tag and take pictures for her instagram. Back at the hotel, the two of us snuggled and rubbed each other’s backs. When I stopped and turned over she asked so kindly, “mom, can you rub my back some more?” Of course! It put her to sleep.2015-08-08 20.17.25-1 2015-08-08 20.15.06

It was wonderful to get to catch up with the grandparents. I see a lot more weekend adventures with them in the future. Especially when there is an IKEA between us! 

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