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Isaac at 18 months

Posted on Oct 3, 2015 by | 0 comments

My little guy is now 18 months! He is growing up and is so kind. He is always saying “dank doo” and sharing food and hugs with his sister. We are grateful to have him in our little family. His little toddles are adorable.11875594_1647297432205147_1040239839_n

He was made for all this space. It’s fun that we moved out to the country just in time for him to learn all his animal sounds. He loves to mew and bawk when he sees cats and chickens, live or in books. His communication in general has really exploded and we are all appreciating it. He points and says a recognizable form of yes and no. He says the first sound of words like ah for apple and buh for book. And he overuses the head shake and no. He chases the animals around and tries really hard to pet them. Animals just fascinate him. His current favorite book is about farm animals, Farmer Joe and the Music Show. He makes the sounds and points out the bees and chickens and cows.11934622_1488392721483020_1026597083_n

We love his cuddles and his kisses. He knows everyone’s name that he’s been living with, and it is so cute when he calls for Anna without the n’s. “Ahhh-uh!” He also can eat for days! He is pretty independent and wants to eat just like us instead of baby bites he wants the whole slice of pizza or whole apple. He also wants to eat on the run.11850258_492783677556045_1596283023_n

My son wants cuddles all the time, and to be read to. Just last night, he watched endless tractor videos while sitting with his Pop Pop. He loves to be chased and none of us can resist making him giggle so we run after him. Sometimes he’ll just run by himself. He crouches like a track athlete and then counts “one, twooo,” then confusion sets in “one?” Then he just takes off running, on go: “doh!” He is so busy. It is awesome.11349291_1470154459958508_1014609294_n

Anna has been showing him how to enjoy the outdoors, even in all this rain lately. He stays busy, moving croquet balls, or trying to run into the road. He’ll join Anna in a game of tag or running in mud puddles or making stick/hay/mud soup. I’ve been hoping that they would become good friends and I’m glad for the little moments where I can glimpse that future. I’m hoping that’s the future, anyway, more so than the fighting over the cool toy drill. 😉11375977_1050329658319118_2136417832_n

My little boy is the dirtiest guy I’ve ever seen. He tears up the fresh apples and tomatoes at my parent’s house, leaving a shirt ready for the wash. I really don’t even know how one kid can get as covered in dirt as I’ve seen him recently. Digging in the dirt, dragging anything he can sort of lift, riding in dirty wagons, climbing up and down stairs. But he loves bath time just as much as he loves getting his shoes put on and heading outside, so I suppose all’s well that ends well.11856748_430276007157444_1417658406_n


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