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December Shenanigans

Posted on Dec 31, 2015 by | 0 comments

2015-12-03 16.03.48
We decorated the tree early in the month. It was lovely. Anna helped me “wake up” the branches. And Isaac and Jacob handed us ornaments. Poor Isaac doesn’t understand that he can’t play with all the toys hanging at his height. He took apart his snowman with hat from Grandma Allred and broke two balls later all on the first day.2015-12-05 13.37.372015-12-09 16.05.05

While Christmas shopping at the mall, Elsa and Anna were hanging out on the upper level and I pointed them out to my Anna and we waved to them. Anna was so excited to see them. They held up a finger to wait and they came down the stairs to visit just us. They were so sweet. Also, Christmas shopping can be so exhausting.2015-12-06 14.27.12

The Field and Uribe families hosted their annual cookie party this year and we were in town! Anna decorated so many cookies, she loved it. She got covered in frosting and was very polite. Isaac wasn’t interested in the given activity, he ate plain cookies and investigated the dinosaur magnets. It was so nice to see so many old friends.2015-12-12 15.58.59 2015-12-12 16.16.00

Another fun Christmas activity we attended was the parade in Buchanan. We saw endless firetrucks and funny clowns. Horses and a marching band. Everyone threw us so much candy Jacob said he felt like an oompa loompa when we left.2015-12-03 10.56.21 2015-12-25 19.38.00

Isaac is growing up fast. He is a nursery pro, I’m so grateful that I can drop him off. Anna ran into nursery but Isaac needed me there for a few weeks. Last week when I dropped him off, I couldn’t tell if he was waving bye or shooing me away. One night Jacob got Isaac dressed in his monkey pajamas and sent him out front, go show me. He came out making his monkey noise, “eee eee eee”, but bee-lined for my glasses and handed them to me then continued to “eee eee eee”.2015-12-25 19.06.44 2015-12-04 15.46.06

My son is obsessed with balls. Isaac placed some balls on his tractor then put a bear as the farmer driving. It was adorable. He also spent some trying balance two balls on a plate and walk around the living room delivering the meal to me and Jacob. Isaac is also just talking so much. He loves sounds the most, what does Santa say? “ho, ho, ho.” But he has been trying hard to get his wants known. He can say toddler versions of milk, play, more, please, thank you, Jesus, candy, and perfect versions of “ball” “baby” “me” and “Hey!” This month he really decided that he wanted to talk and is more willing to repeat what we say. Of course he wants to copy any and everything his big sister does too, from kneeling and folding arms for prayer to jumping at the playground in just the same way.2015-12-16 19.05.53

Anna cracks us up with her observations and explanations. During a David Attenborough show, Anna exclaimed upon seeing a swarm of birds in Africa: “what a hullabaloo!” She had so much fun going to see the Christmas lights with Auntie Rachel. We drove through 3 times and Anna pointed out all her favorite things like the can can dancers and Santa’s workshop and the elves testing the toys. 2015-12-19 12.51.17 2015-12-24 13.59.012015-12-09 14.07.24

The nice weather pulled us outside a ton this month. They built rock sculptures. One was working hard and one was hardly working. Anna built a snowman, named him Rocky, and sang a new song about him to the tune of Frosty the Snowman. We loved going outside. Anna did not want to come in and neither did Isaac so we stayed out for a while. Anna wanted to play letters. She kept running into the house to write a note, one to me and one to Isaac to deliver in the old newspaper box. Isaac found his own entertainment in the old truck bed liner and finding sticks to hit plants with. He was so happy. 2015-12-24 13.58.40 2015-12-24 13.19.28 2015-12-27 13.48.44

The kids jumped in puddles for over an hour the afternoon of Christmas eve. It was warmer outside than in our home and it stopped raining for a bit. The kids had a grand time. They got pretty muddy and Anna found a shell. Isaac loved organizing the nuts that floated in the puddles and pushing them with sticks.
2015-12-19 08.46.27 2015-12-18 16.10.20

Aside from the warm weather we also had a day of snow. Anna was running around trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue. It was a fun reason to try out our new winter coats.


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