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2015-11-29 10.43.29Jacob’s parents brought us Christmas early when they visited for Thanksgiving. The kids loved their books about Olaf and they each got a stuffed snowman to go with it. Jacob received a sweet quadcopter from them. 2015-11-29 10.43.23 2015-11-29 10.49.13

He gets the silly thing stuck in a tree just about every time he flies it. The first day it was completely Charlie Brown and his kite. The tallest part of the tree ate the ‘copter and we tried everything from pool poles to ball throwing to get it out. Nothing really worked until magically it fell a limb or two and was able to fly out. But we spent a good clip of time outside just brainstorming while tossing balls as high as we could.2015-11-29 13.20.03 2015-11-29 13.41.47 2015-11-29 13.06.45

The quadcopter has a camera on it, so Jacob has also been trying to figure out how to take pictures from up in the air. Check out this neat picture of our house. PICT0010

Anna is trying to get the hang of flying it too. She can keep it in the field, away from trees, so I guess that already makes her a better pilot than her dad. 2015-12-09 14.07.01Isaac and I mostly just played in the field, and ducked sometimes, while the others had fun with the flying machine.

2015-12-09 14.38.48

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