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Isaac is 2

Posted on Apr 10, 2016 by | 0 comments

2016-03-05 16.07.53DSC_3669Isaac is our goofball! He loves to crack us up, making funny faces or animal noises. He pretends he is Anna’s puppy or horse or baby. Oh the baby. After every bath, while I am drying him he starts to “whhaaaa”. Fake crying, like a baby. He wants me to wrap him up and cradle him like a baby. It is so cute, but getting harder to accommodate at he and my belly grow. He can often be found on all fours neighing or woofing, looking for a pretend apple or something to fetch. His sister sweetly thought of a dinosaur costume for his birthday. When he first saw it he said “roar” immediately, and lifted his legs wanting to be dressed. He loves running around as that dinosaur, scaring all us common folk.2016-01-19 13.54.04 2016-01-14 14.13.36-1 2016-02-03 15.00.56

He is deep in imitation mode right now. Isaac copies Anna’s every move, which may not go away for a while to poor Anna’s chagrin. But if she stands up at dinner, so does he. If she leans against a wall, so does he. If she dances around the room or practices a gymnastics move, guess who is right behind her? I love watching it as a parent, I know he is learning and I just love seeing them play together, for so long he was just the baby to be noticed on the side. Now they are both the front and center attention hogs of our lives. 🙂2016-03-15 09.42.43 2016-01-27 15.58.19 2016-02-05 11.12.48

Speaking of imitation, every syllable we utter comes back to us usually right away. He is talking a lot but it is still only understandable if you are around him enough. Ball, hi, bye, thank you, you’re welcome, names for everyone in the family. He can ask for things like milk, juice, fishies, and fig bars. And he understands everything you say or ask of him, but he likes to run away to play chase rather than comply with an announcement that it is pajama time.2016-01-11 08.04.06 2016-01-14 08.39.17 2016-03-12 18.38.16

His favorite words revolve around food and animals. He knows lots of animal names and the sounds that go with them. And rather than have me read a book to him, he’d prefer to just point out all the birds, bugs, and animals on the pages and make silly sounds. The thing with Isaac is you mustn’t ignore him! If he repeats someones command or observation “snow, momma,” you had better respond. He will repeat himself and get in your face, I’m talking to you! he says with his actions. One time at a museum he said “thank you” more than three times to the poor ticket lady, waiting for the expected “you’re welcome.”2016-03-10 12.59.10 DSC_3782 2016-02-06 12.32.51

Isaac is such a sweetheart though. He is just full of hugs and kisses, requiring them and usually cuddles at night. If he gets a snack he always shares it with his big sister. He will even ask for an extra to give to her sometimes. He loves to carry around baby dolls and feed them or bring them drinks. And he is just dying to be more of a helper around the house. Isaac picks up toys very well with his sister and his official job at meal time is setting out and picking up the placemats. But if Anna is helping me to bake, he wants to be there too. Sometimes there is a task he can join in on and I’m working on trying to be more open to his help.2016-02-27 14.32.05 2016-02-15 16.30.07 2016-02-29 13.06.44

Our little guy had his 2nd birthday on Easter this year. He is currently 32 lbs and is wearing clothes just his age, 2T. He loves sharing a bed with his sister and has just recently given up the thumb sucking, knock on wood. He really is growing up so fast. He loves going to nursery and would always rather be playing outside. Oh how I love my little Isaac.

2016-01-04 09.31.56 2016-01-05 17.20.58 2016-03-26 18.21.57


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