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Snow Queen Anna

Posted on Apr 4, 2016 by | 0 comments

One day of enjoying the snow in January, Anna and I went to throw sticks on the frozen pond. It’s frozen about 2/3, the fresh spring water keeps it warms but the amount of frozen water added cooled down the far part near the garden.  When Anna mentioned that one of the sticks I collected for throwing looked like a flower, I suggested that we make stories with the sticks in the snow. She loved that idea and just started building and talking about the kingdom and the king trying to protect his children. Then when the story was over, we made one about a dancer. Anna built the stage and lights. Then she put a pine branch upside down and it really looked like a tutu. But once we started talking, the dancer looked right for a “coconut party” (a luau), rather than ballet, because she had on a skirt for a hula dance. Anna was observant and creative and we had a great time.2016-01-30 11.00.11

Then I switched games, I decided to brush the snow off the cars. Anna was going to keep story making but soon came and joined me. She helped me brush off the snow and got a shovel. We played avalanche where she caught the snow I pushed off the hood on her shovel and tossed it away. After we worked hard and I turned my ankle slightly in my boots, I suggested we go in.2016-01-22 14.01.37

This prompted her to find a snow throne and warn me, “the Snow Queen throws people in the dungeon who try to go inside.”
“Well, maybe I would like the dungeon because it would be warmer than being outside.”
She said, “nope, the dungeon is outside and even colder!” Then she asked me if I still thought going inside was better than being outside.2016-01-22 14.34.41

Soon I was having snow thrown at me since I belong in the dungeon. She made a move to go inside and tripped face first in the snow. I helped her up and she said “I should’ve…taken the carriage” And I bust out laughing and could not stop. I thought she would have said I should have taken the shoveled path or picked my feet up or something. But she was still in the role of queen and it was so funny to me. Then she tromped over to the white chair covered in show and sat down in her carriage. She informed me that sadly, her carriage did not take people inside. She is so cute. I did manage to get her to come inside and we realized just how chilly we were. Upstairs and in dry clothes I wrapped Anna in a blanket and asked her to read. This snowstorm was days and days of snow. We kept warm with hot cocoa and lots of cuddling.2016-01-23 14.44.50

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