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Eliza’s Baby Blessing

Posted on Aug 8, 2016 by | 0 comments

2016-08-07 13.40.26-1Eliza Ruth got a name and a blessing on Sunday, August 7th. My in-laws drove up from South Carolina. They ran into some car trouble but we are glad they made it safe and sound.2016-08-07 13.38.21

My family all came to church with us and we sure felt blessed being surrounded and supported by so many who love little Eliza Ruth. Both Grandpas were in the circle as Jacob blessed our third baby. It was really special.2016-08-07 09.23.07

Isaac was almost inside when he turned around to come walk with me and my mother in from the parking lot. He held MeMe’s hand, to help her walk into the chapel. It was sweet. He is such a wonderful big brother and is so kind, always trying to share with and help everyone.2016-08-07 11.58.31

We feel so blessed to have three beautiful children and lots of people in our lives who love them. Happy blessing day little Eliza!

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