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Eliza is 3 Months Old

Posted on Oct 8, 2016 by | 0 comments

2016-09-16 13.12.23-12016-09-24 16.51.56-1I saw someone describe their 3 month old as leveling up. It is so true. Eliza is a different nut these days. She is holding her head up well. Loving tummy time. She hates to be on her back unless she is moving. The car and being held are happy places and sleepy places. But she loves to be held in a sitting position. Easier to talk and be talked to, easier to see big brother and sister. We love to see the smile grow on her face. She smiles at her sibling a lot. Anna likes to rub her head. Isaac loves to give kisses and tell me about her. “Baby Yiza awake.” “Baby Yiza sleep.” “‘At’s Baby Yiza bur’ cloth.” He always wants to hand her things, like her rattle toys or his Elmo doll but she isn’t really grabbing things yet.2016-08-17 10.50.492016-09-11 08.42.342016-08-17 16.10.53

She can roll over both ways, and how we cheer when she gets to her belly and holds her head up. Eliza really loves to sleep on her side when she needs comfort. But when fully relaxed she is spread eagle on her back. But I just love seeing children sleeping. They are always so sweet.2016-09-19 23.13.432016-08-26 16.02.092016-09-20 13.44.26

She is getting more active but when we go out she is perfectly content to be in the carrier. She will often fall asleep. It is so nice because I can get so much done while out an about.wp-1475467884057.jpg2016-08-24 10.53.492016-08-22 15.47.13

She is sleeping through the night which is helping me feel more human and less zombie. I’m feeling stretched thin as a mom of three. I would love to have three of me to go around but the kids are doing so great being helpers. And my vitamix is helping me stay sane when the kids eat all the grapes with our peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunches.2016-08-19 16.20.522016-09-13 17.41.47-12016-09-09 17.45.02

She’s even joined me in book club.
2016-09-21 19.13.582016-09-22 13.35.15

Eliza chats with us all the time, “ya ya ya” and we die over her laugh. She is also Daddy’s best napping buddy. We sure love this little girl.2016-09-12 17.54.50-1 2016-09-16 18.25.22-1

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