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An Afternoon Hike

Posted on Nov 1, 2016 by | 0 comments

2016-11-01 13.35.12I have this inexplicable love for hiking. I don’t know where it came from or why it lurks in my soul but hiking is a itch I can’t scratch enough. I always feel so great just getting out into the woods. And for the longest time I thought it was being alone. I like alone. I like taking a book out into the woods, resting in a hammock or on a rock to read. But I also love going with people I love. 2016-11-01 13.02.02 2016-11-01 14.50.50

After lunch, I threw some pants on the kids and loaded them in the car for a hike on the Andy Layne trail just a mile from my house. Anna was so excited that within 100 yards of the car she suggested we make every Tuesday hiking day. We stopped to let her draw leaves and acorns and osage oranges. We carefully navigated roots and cow poo. The kids slipped on the steep climbs and leaves more than once but we were all laughs for the first half of the hike.2016-11-01 14.02.05 2016-11-01 13.57.11

We stopped at the second creek crossing and tossed rocks and osage oranges in the creek. I loved sitting there with the leaves trickling from the trees as Anna drew and Isaac worked, finding things to throw. It was magical being out in the woods with my kids. Eliza only ate and slept for the two hours we were out exploring. 2016-11-01 14.23.22 2016-11-01 13.56.36

We talked about all the tree signs we saw, like one for boxelder, a tree we have in our own backyard.  And Anna has learned to identify sycamore trees by their unique bark. A fellow hiker told us the name of the osage oranges which we were calling the green brains. The kids loved tossing them to his retriever. 2016-11-01 13.38.18

It was a long hike back with tired little legs but honestly the kids did great. And I was so happy we had a wonderful experience today. Being in nature can bring us so much joy. I love that I have a crew to explore with now!2016-11-01 14.17.11

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