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Christmas Card Prep

Posted on Jan 19, 2017 by | 0 comments

This one time our powerline was hanging a little lower than usual and it led to the best cutest pictures of my kids ever.

Jacob woke up at 5 am on a Sunday in November to his computer beeping. Well, it was his computer’s backup power source. Our power was out. We’ve gotten used to the potential for this recurring event. But the new twist was that our phone was out too. Jacob went to check the pole and the line was down, maybe 5 feet off the ground. Ugh. A tree had fallen and snapped our power pole. Talk about technical difficulties.

The power company guy was out before dawn but had to go get a proper truck and crew for the fix so we got ready for church without power. Thank goodness for Saturday, the special day, the day we get ready for Sunday. So we put on our clean clothes and ate cereal.

I snapped some cute photos of the kids in their newly painted room on their new rug with pretty natural light from the windows. Boom, Christmas Card photo was done on the 20th of November. I felt like a super mom.

The power company was digging a hole for the new pole before I left for church but we still didn’t have internet for several days while the phone company dragged their feet but we can’t complain. We had power so we could stay warm and still watch some church broadcasts and family movies we have saved on our computers.

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