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Perhaps the Only 2017 Snow

Posted on Jan 19, 2017 by | 0 comments

The first week of the year ended in a wonderful snow storm that brought 4 inches and left us with cold weather for days that didn’t melt the snow. The snow fell early Saturday morning and we cancelled church and then the public schools in town were closed Monday and Tuesday with a 2 hour delay on Wednesday. We have since hit a lengthy warm spell that has brought 60 degree days to January and we aren’t complaining at all, but we might not see any more snow this winter. Who knows.

Saturday morning Anna woke up before the sun. I stayed up after an Eliza feeding and was happy to see Anna. We snuck out in our mittens and hats while it was still coming down and really loved our time together exploring. After I started pushing her down the hill for sledding I saw the back door open. Isaac was up and wanted to join us. So I got him in some warmer clothes and pushed him down the hill too. He was hilarious yelling “weeeeeeeeee”.  His joy and squeals were so adorable. And if he slowed down too much he was yell/ask “rescue me!” I always love playing while the snow is still falling. It isn’t too deep yet for little boots. 

The kids loved throwing snow at one another. Isaac made snow angels with me. We had a great time. They helped me shovel and explore and build things with pine limbs. It wasn’t quite snowman weather but we loved finding other things to do.

Jacob took the kids out several more times. They even all shared a sled one time down our hill. We have a nice gentle glide from the shed to the driveway where it levels out before the road. And there isn’t any barbed wire to run into like the “dangerous” sledding hills of my youth. I just learned how to roll off at a younger age is all, we’re still here.

Sunday was a cold cold day. Our pond was half frozen and everything that they tried to scrape off the roads had turned to ice. It was dangerous and never melted until later in the week. I was grateful we didn’t have anywhere to be. It wasn’t even fun to play in the snow much because of the wind. It was bright and windy, if the sun wasn’t in your eyes the snow-nados were. So we cuddled inside with hot cocoa and board games and church talks and the amazing race.

Monday we had so much cabin fever the kids even made me lunch. Isaac peeled the oranges and Anna spread the peanut butter and jelly. Not many orange slices made it to the table, I guess Isaac was hungry as well as helpful. I love my big helpers.

After bedtime on Sunday I caught the kids up, reading. It isn’t uncommon but this time Anna was on Isaac’s bed reading all the animal names to Isaac from our nature book. Magical. I love a snow covered world and the quiet joys it brings.

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