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Christmas 2016

Posted on Jul 10, 2017 by | 0 comments

Our local history museum has the best Santa visit I have ever heard of. It is a little story time with some songs. Isaac and Anna could hardly stop swaying they were so excited to spend the morning with the jolly old elf. Some of our friends from church happened to be there too making the event extra special.
Grandma and Grandpa came up to see Anna ride in the Fincastle Christmas Parade. Our new branch had a float where all the kids were parts of the Nativity and our Young Men accompanied their caroling with stringed instruments. I stayed home sick with Eliza, which was the type for the rest of our holiday season, but everyone had a grand time.
The kids also each got personal blankets that they absolutely love. Anna’s is a mermaid tail and Isaac’s is a shark that is eating you while you wear it. They are soft and really the cutest ideas ever! A staple for our family movie nights. We had a lovely time visiting with the grandparents, we even made a gingerbread house.
We kept passing around to one another a bit of crud that kept our December slow which was celebratory in its own way. Poor Jacob was wiped out quite often. Here’s a shot of him passed out at my parents home. Thanks for dinner, I’ll go hold the baby now while y’all do Christmas cookies. Zzzzzzz.
Isaac thought the nativity scene I put out was his personal play set. He moved them every day and I loved seeing all his combinations. He is so sweet and loved the baby Jesus.
Anna lost her second top front tooth on December 23rd. Perfect timing for the song, All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth. She had a hard time talking for a few days. And I can’t get over how grown up she looks with 5 teeth now missing!

We did a pile of Christmas crafts early in the month before we were taken out by the plague. The kids loved making ornaments. We even made these cool beach ones with shells from our trip to Myrtle Beach this year.
We opened gifts with my family on Christmas Eve. Isaac got a huge tool set and a scary scorpion car. And Anna loves her new chess game, bracelet maker, and sock ’em bopper.
I’m really glad we went to church on Christmas day. The whole sacrament meeting was singing. The primary kids sang wonderful songs about┬áChrist’s birth including the one they sang with the stake for the Christmas Cantata and He Sent His Son, both of which I just love. I really enjoyed the music and singing. I listened to a┬áTED talk recently about playing a note worth listening too. Using music to worship is something I’ve always taken for granted. But I was happy to have Christmas morning be about Christ. I’m so grateful for God’s gift of his Son.

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