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Isaac’s Third Birthday

Posted on Jul 9, 2017 by | 0 comments

Jacob’s parents are so good at birthdays. They love to celebrate and came into town for each of the kids’ birthdays this year. For Isaac we picked a pirate theme. I think the kids might’ve had the best time picking out pirate stuff at the party store the best. We found pirate map napkins, swords, a treasure chest pinata and pirate’s booty to fill it: necklaces and gold!We invited his whole sunbeams class and most of them came, with their siblings, it was quite a party. I seriously love our branch family and it was fun to have so many good friends gathered for a play date. We were grateful that the weather held out so we could go outside for a bit and pinata and adventure outdoors. The made a tea party table from the kiddie pool. They swung. Then adventured up on the log, they sword fought and ate candy. They were happy and free and Jacob even brought out the bubble lawnmower. Which they all fought over!
But the kids had a good time indoors too. We colored pictures and Jacob sacrificed himself for the sake of fun and let all the pirates attack him with swords. We also made fishing poles and fish to catch. And Anna made the cupcakes. She is such a wonderful baker.

He was so happy to get a football from Pop Pop and dinosaurs from Emma and a pirate ship from Anna. It was such a great day!

The best part was having the whole family together. My parents, and Jacob’s parents, my sister and her husband. Us all together make any occasion a special one.

We sure love our big boy Isaac who still identifies as little or big when the moment calls for it. He is a happy energetic boy who loves to jump and hit, growl and roar. He often pretends he is an animal. Sometimes he is a dog or lion on all fours, sometimes he curls his pointer and middle fingers out like claws and is a velociraptor (“raptor raptor”). He makes a lot of noise both the animal kind and the talkative kind. He loves to imagine and pretend, he loves to compare and be the same. “Our shoes match.” “I’ll sit next to you.” “We both have ice!” He is a wonderful brother to his adoring sisters. He patiently goes along with Anna’s ideas most of the time and he is always offering Eliza a new toy or a hug. He is a momma’s boy to the core. I love that he is my snuggle buddy and my reading buddy and my imagination buddy. He always wants to play dinosaur train or the three billy goats gruff or miniforce. Happy Piratey Birthday to sweet little Isaac. We sure love you.

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